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Standard California Notary Fees

CA Standard Rate Effective 2017

Travel Fees Are Not Included

General Notarized Signature

$15.00 Per Signature



Power of Attorney


 Oath or Affirmation

$15.00 Per Oath or Affirmation

Minor Traveling Authorization

$15.00 Per Authorization

Immigration Forms

$15.00 Per Individual For Each Set Of Forms

Veterans Benefits or Voting Materials


For Other Documents Please Contact Me

Loan Signing Document Fees

All Rates Are Subject To Change

Handling and notarization of various loan documents

Loan Signing Documents 

$165 Travel Fees & Packaging Included

In-House Loan Signing Documents 

$135 Packaging Included

Traveling & Cancellation Fees

All Charges Will Be Confirmed

Traveling Fees


Sacramento Region


Bay Area


All Other Counties

$75.00 + *contact me for a quote


Prison, Jail, or Courthouse

$95.00 + *contact me for a quote


24 hours or less of the appointment

If cancelled on the day of and the notary travels to the location, a travel fee of $45.00 will be an addition to the cancellation fee



Over the phone or online

If you are looking to schedule a loan signing or other mobile notary service, call or contact me here

 Los Gatos, CA 95032